How to Prepare for your photo shoot! - We want you to "shine"!

Some simple preparations are critical for getting good pictures!  Certain things are out of our control and are up to you. 



Do NOT tan yourself for at least three days before the shoot otherwise your skin will come out slightly red.
Don't scrub your face on the day of the shoot.   Clean your face extremely gently.
Don't scratch or irritate any impurities in the days before the shoot.
Don't try out a new hairstyle that you are unsure of before the shoot.  Go safe!
Don't party or drink the night before your shoot.

Be shaved where appropriate.  Girls: Legs and under your arms.  Guys: Be shaved nicely.
Clean your nails. (Everyone forgets this, and it cannot be effectively retouched afterwards)
Have your eyebrows plucked (boys too).  I would suggest you visit youtube and watch some instructional videos before you begin
if you are unsure what to do.

Get enough sleep.  At least two hours more than you normally would.  It's best to get up later than normal instead of getting to bed earlier.  Our shoots don't usually start early so spend your time sleeping instead of other things!

We love music and love to play music during our shoots, so bring your favorite music on your smart phone or other music device and we will can play it during your shoot!


What to Wear

* Choose a VARIETY of outfits and bring lots of them.  It is a good idea to include both casual and formal outfits in your portraits.  You choose several and let Mom choose one or two, so that way everyone is happy.

* Bring nice accessories!  A nice pair of sunglasses, bracelets and necklaces can add nice touches to your photos.

* Your face should be the focal point of your portraits.  Think about having one of your outfit selections match your eye color, especially a solid, long sleeve shirt or sweater.

* AVOID HORIZONTAL STRIPES as they can make you look wider.

* Earth tones (brown, gold, blue, denim, leather) are great choices for outdoor portraits.

* Traditional styles stand the test of time and keep portraits looking fresh for years to come, but also bring some different clothes for "fun" poses.

* Be sure to dress from head to toe.  Some poses will show your shoes, so don't forget to bring shoes and socks for each outfit that you plan to wear.

* Please do your best to make sure your clothing is clean and pressed.  Wrinkles do show in portraits.  It is best to bring your clothing hanging on hangers, rather than folded in a bag.

* GIRLS:  DO NOT WEAR GLITTER!  Glitter makes white spots on your skin that do not look good.  (However, you may wear shimmery eye shadow).

* Busy patterns and loud colors can be very distracting in your portraits.  Limit large and bold patterns, they will draw attention away from your face.  Generally, your senior portrait should be of YOU, not your clothes.  An exception would be for a contemporary black and white portrait, if that is your preference.  Remember that large patterns and baggy, oversized clothing will add the appearance of extra weight in photographs.

* Bring at least one long sleeve solid color shirt.

* Bring something that is "REALLY YOU."  If you have a special T-shirt, belt, ball cap, hat, boots or sneakers, plan on wearing them for a pose.

* GLASSES - If you wear glasses, you may want to ask your optometrist to supply you with a pair of frames without lenses for your portraits.  This will eliminate the glare, distortion and darkness caused by some lenses.

* Dark colors tend to make you look slimmer, light colors tend to make you look bigger.

* Please DO NOT try out a new hair or make-up style for your session. You may not recognize the person in the portraits.